The objective of the video is to present medical procedure (invasive or non-invasive) or clearly defined part of
one surgical procedure in 10 steps.
Each step should be clearly defined, titled (described in short way), and separated from other steps. All steps
should be ordered logically in the way which help to understand, remember and properly perform the procedure.
The film should be submitted in MP4 format. The maximum file size is 100 MB. The maximal duration of the
video is 10 minutes.
Each video should be accompanied with 150 word abstract describing listed steps of procedure from 1 to 10 in
the order in which they occur in the video.
The video should be narrated in English. Important anatomical landmarks should be pointed.

Suggested order of content in the video:

  • Title
  • Short presentation of listed 10 steps
  • Main body of the video – procedure divided in 10 clearly defined and separated steps
  • Repeated list with 10 steps